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KNA Pickups is committed to providing acoustic musicians with natural-sounding and natural-looking means to amplify their instruments. Its mission combines the traditions of old world artisans with the innovations of the modern musicians they serve. Each of their sensors is handmade in Europe using fine components and toned woods, which are usually reserved for the instruments themselves. In a complete range of capture solutions, KNA Pickups offers several designs to provide players with the best possible sound for their application. Their piezoelectric, magnetic, passive and active pickups offer natural sound reproduction tailored specifically to the tonal and dynamic range of each instrument. It offers versatile pickups that will work for almost any flat-surface instrument where the transducer can be placed, and popular guitar models with nylon and steel strings, ukuleles, banjos, bouzouki, violins, violas, cellos and double basses. Each is designed to offer the most authentic sound possible, with easy installation that requires little or no instrument modification.

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