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There are probably not that many brands with a tradition that dates back as far as the Zildjian company. Certain Avedis, Armenian alchemist from Constantinople began making cymbals already in the year of 1623 – while trying to make gold, he accidentally discovered a copper, tin and silver alloy with unique sound characteristics. Massively sounding cymbals made of this alloy became a favorite instrument of the sultan himself and he gave the alchemist a new name - Zildjian, which meant the son of cymbal maker.

Since then the family secret has been carefully guarded and passed from generation to generation. The news about the great sound of the Zildjian cymbals was spreading fast and in 1929, Avedis Zildjian III. moved the family business across the Atlantic. Once settled, he started making more compact and thinner cymbals on the impulse of the first jazz musicians, having a great success with them.

Today, Zildjian is probably the most famous manufacturer of cymbals in the world. The K and A series cymbals are living legends and you can hear them on the most essential recording of the past decades. Their sound is inseparably linked to several drum legends – for example, Charlie Watts from the Rolling Stones.

Despite a great success, Zildjian puts some new products on the market every year. They are always made in response to the fast development of individual musical styles and possibilities of modern musicians. The four hundred years of tradition is obliging.