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Ukuleles have recently been experiencing a huge boom and many musicians, from time to time, substitute their relatively space-consuming guitars with this instrument on various occasions. But even a small ukulele requires at least a little bit of care. Unless you have a Woodi ukulele.

It is because Woodi makes its ukuleles from quite a resistant plastic, thus eliminating worries about their fragile timber, which is, on top of it, sensitive to humidity or excessive dryness. You can take Woodi ukuleles with you almost anywhere, on the road, to the beach or even on the boat. They can withstand even some falls or impacts. These ukuleles can thus also be a good starting point for children.

From the sound perspective, however, Woodi can easily compare itself with its wooden brothers since the material it uses is a special plastic that guarantees resonance similar to wood.

Its Ukuleles are made in many colors, making it easy for everybody to choose his or her favorite one. These instruments can thus become not only compact and always ready instruments for any occasion, but, due to their low prices, you can purchase several of them, thus allowing you to always match it to your current outfit.

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