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It is a very popular company, name of which represents high-quality acoustic and electric guitars and other instruments. The company was founded in Chicago in the USA already in 1883. The current portfolio of the company will satisfy everybody who is interested in acoustic guitars, electric guitars, bass guitars or instruments of the banjo, ukulele or mandolin type. Washburn is a division of the U.S. Music Corporation, which is involved in international production and distribution of musical instruments.

In 1912, the company put itself on the musical history map by producing the Lakeside Jumbo Guitar model. This acoustic guitar had a larger body than contemporary Parlory and some people consider it to be the very first instrument of the Dreadnought type. Acoustic guitars form the backbone of the entire company even today. Its portfolio includes more than fifteen series suitable for beginners, advanced as well as professional players.

The first electric Washburn guitar was made in 1976 and the company have scored a great success with these instruments as well. Even today, the company offers instruments suitable for various musical style, from rock to jazz - be it powerful superstrata, guitars of known shapes based on stratocasters, fashionably shaped models or archtop and semi-archtop guitars.

Tradition, careful workmanship and innovations - these terms undoubtably characterize Washburn. This is also the reason why its instruments became popular among players like Nancy Wilson, Nuno Bettencourt, DImebag Darrel, Ola Englund or almost all participants of the legendary MTV Unplugged concerts.

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