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The American Vic Firth Company was established by the percussion player, pedagogue and businessman of the same name in 1964, and has not only set the standard in the field since then but also constantly innovates and continues to push the boundaries. This means that every drummer, who wants excellent quality materials, meticulous execution and a combination of traditional manufacturing methods with a modern appearance, will be able to find something in the extensive range of drumming and specialised percussion sticks and accessories it offers. Regardless of whether you play rock, jazz, pop, country or another genre, you will be sure to find sticks that fit you perfectly in the range of products offered by Vic Firth. Evidence of this is the fact that sticks from this brand are also used by drumming aces such as Nicko McBrain, Thomas Lang, Butch Vig, Buddy Rich, Aaron Spears, Pat Mastelotto, Jojo Mayer or Matt Nicholls.

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