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To have your instrument well, but also exactly tuned should be a matter of course for every musician, including drummers. Since 2012, they are assisted in this task by Tune-Bot, the manufacturer of digital tuners, designed for acoustic drum sets.

A great advantage of these revolutionary tuners for drummers is, apart from their accuracy, their very fast, simple and intuitive control. Easy handling and attachment manner to the frame of practically any drum using a clip allow for fast final tuning even during a concert. Moreover, the large lit display allows for easy visual tuning control.

In comparison to the Tune-Bot Gig model, the Tune-Bot TB-001 tuner has a sufficiently large memory for remembering your tuning, which you can, thanks to this tuner, repeat at any time. Alternatively, you can save various tunings of your set for various performance opportunities.

The Tune-Bot tuners have been designed for all drummers who need to be able to do their tuning under any circumstances quickly, effectively and, most of all, accurately.

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