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Shubb specializes in the production of capos. The company was founded in California in 1974 by banjo player Rick Shubb. Since then about five million of its products have been sold around the world and the Shubb brand has become a synonym for high quality and intelligent design. Shubb capos are the first choice of all demanding musicians who need quality without compromises.

However, the company portfolio includes not only capos for electric and acoustic guitars, but also for guitars with nylon strings, banjos, Dobros and ukuleles. Furthermore, Shubb also offers high-quality steel rollers for steel guitars, cranks for winding strings, special capos for five-string banjos and also special partial capos for guitars.

Shubb capos are either made of very high-quality steel, brass, nickel, or, in the case of the lightened Lite models, high-quality aluminium. If you prefer unusual designs, you can choose a capo from the Noir line, which is black chrome plated.

Keith Richards, Bruce Springsteen, Bonnie Raitt, Pete Townshend or Brian Setzer, these are just a few names of music icons who swear by Shubb capos.

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