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Guitar strap - for some, a purely usable matter, for others, an integral part of their image or even expression of their convictions. It is the latter group, on which Perris Leathers, manufacturer of guitar straps and picks, focuses.

Small family company, founded in Canada in 1988 by Lou Perri. In 1998, the company passed to his son, Anthony Perri, who began to fulfil his dream to produce original and imaginative guitar straps. The initial fifty motives and a few customers have grown within a few years to 700 motives, which found their way to tens of thousands of satisfied customers.

The Perris Leathers brand does not focus on mass production. Instead, it emphasises high quality of its products and maximal comfort for the player who acquire their straps. The straps are made from real leather of a premium quality or, their cheaper versions, from regular leather or polyester, nylon or cotton. Some models are furnished with various ironworks, perforations, imbedded ornaments, tattoos, samples of snake or crocodile skin and, of course logos of world famous bands, such as The Beatles, AC/DC, Kiss, Pink Floyd, Iron Maiden etc.

Perris Leathers products are not only for guitarists or bass guitarists. They include very well designed straps for banjos, mandolins, ukuleles, saxophones or accordions. And if you want to tune up your image flawlessly, you can obtain the motive of your favorite band on exclusive sets of picks.

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