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 was founded in 1994 and its production mainly focuses on classical guitars, acoustic bass guitars and ukuleles. Its catalogue also includes mandolins, banjos and various percussion instruments.

Despite the fact that the company follows the steps of the old Spanish masters and builds its guitars accordingly, it is not afraid to include modern elements either. That is why most of the Ortega guitar models have 2-way neck bracing for optional prestress adjustments. The portfolio of course also includes instruments furnished with pickup and Ortega, B-Band, Fishman or L.R.Baggs electronics.

Ortega instruments have been designed for beginners, to whom they offer very well made instruments for reasonable prices. On the other side of its range, there is the Custom Master Selection series, produced by traditional Spanish methods, which have been designed for professionals and virtuosos. Some of the products that deserve special attention also include eight-string classical guitars or the original Horsekick percussions with a built-in digital sampler that allows you, by tapping your foot on it, create sounds of a bass drum, cajon, cowbell, tambourine or cabasa.

You can spot Ortega instruments in the hands of some excellent players, such as guitarist Javier Reyes, Pawel Maciwoda, bass guitarist the Scorpions, bass guitarist Ken Taylor or Frank Itt.


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