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This word in Hawaiian means “family”. In the case of the company of the same name, we can imagine a broad family of ukuleles with some common features, such as an excellent sound, manual production and exclusive appearance.

The ever growing popularity of ukuleles on the market is resulting in a huge number of companies that are starting to make these small, but powerful instruments with the vision of a fast profit. The results are often somewhat unconvincing. But that is not the case of Ohana.

Its instruments are made manually with a great emphasis on their quality and thorough output control. As a result, they produce traditional sound with clear pitches and optimal volume. Ohana ukuleles will pleasantly surprise you twice - firstly, when you touch their strings, and secondly, when you look at their price tags.

The company portfolio includes all basic ukulele types. That means, soprano, concert, tenor as well as baryton ukuleles, all of them in several models that correspond to the various needs of their players. Should you want to start playing this charming instrument, you should certainly consider the Ohana brand.

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