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 acoustic guitars are made under the wings of the Godin Group. As with all brands put on the market by Robert Godin, everything is made with a maximal emphasis on the quality of materials and workmanship. The brand is known for a large share of manual work and for using timber from its own resources.

Norman produced its first guitar in 1972 in the village of La Patrie, located in the middle of mountains and dense forests in Quebec in Canada. The company is still there today. Since then though, its instruments have spread all over the world. Thanks to their exceptional quality, their acoustic guitars belong among the best in the world.

The Norman portfolio includes all common types of acoustic guitars, such as dreadnought, folk and parlor, guitars with cut-outs and guitars furnished with Fishman electronics. Its ribs ad rear panels are mostly made of massive mahogany, palisander or three-layer laminate from a wild cherry or maple. The necks are usually made of silverleaf maple and selected spruce or cedar timber is used for the top panels.

It may be a little paradoxical that the very warm and great instruments from the acoustic as well as visual perspective come to us from deep woods and very tough winters, i.e. from an environment that some people may found a little depressing.