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The LaPatrie brand is a part of the Robert Godin Group, a Canadian guitar manufacturer. If focuses exclusively on classical guitars with nylon strings. It has been producing great and carefully made products for more than 30 years. All works take place exclusively in the small Canadian village of LaPatrie, nearby Quebec.

Its guitars are very sophisticated from all perspectives with a large share of manual work, which gives the instruments not only the necessary quality, but also a hallmark of exceptionality and originality.

You can choose from seven model lines: The Motif, Etude, Concert, Concert CW, Presentation, Collection and Hybrid CW. Cut-out frees models are also available for left-handers and all guitars can be purely acoustic or they can be furnished with pickup and EPM Quantum electronics. The Motif and Etude lines are semi-massive, while the other lines are all-massive. The upper panel of all models is made of massive cedar. The rear panel and ribs are made of laminated wild cherry timber or massive mahogony or palisander.

Thoroughness during the production process but also during the process of selecting the actual timber is a guarantee of a high quality with maximal resonance and clearly audible “wooden” addition to the sound.