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The English company Hiscox was established in 1985 by the experienced luthier Brynn Hiscox, who responded to the acute scarcity of quality instrument bags and cases on the market. The company’s original strategy has remained unchanged since - to produce cases which provide maximum protection possible, from mechanical damage as well as from external factors such as temperature change, while at the same time keeping the weight of the final product as low as possible.

The company’s catalog offers a wide range of cases, bags and covers of all sizes for classical, acoustic and electric guitars, bass guitars, folk string instruments, bowed and brass instruments. Hiscox products stand out through the company’s use of hi-tech materials, high functionality and excellent workmanship. Hiscox cases and bags completely fulfill all the requirements for a good instrument case or a bag: they are light, they are shaped to conform exactly to the shape of the instrument, and they are shock- and impact-resistant. Thanks to their ABS composite Litelife construction, they offer a substantially better thermal insulation than common plywood cases.



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