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The portfolio of the company, which focuses on the production of musical instrument cases as well as soft shells, consists of 150 different products. They cover standard musical instrument shapes as well as the most peculiar instruments.

Each instrument case is carefully tested in real transportation conditions, thus ensuring that its resistance and functionality can be trusted under any circumstances. Moreover, Guardian supplies all cases, be it vintage suitcases or modern laminated cases, with a life-time warranty.

Soft shells, known as gigbags, also comply with the highest standards. Instruments are protected by a 20-mm thick upholstering. The outer shell is made of highly resistant 600 Denier DuraGuard Nylon. That is why the cases are very light and, at the same time, they can withstand mechanical damages as well as unfavorable climatic conditions.

The Guardian suitcases, cases and shells just represent an excellent solution for all who often travel with their instruments and who are seeking optimal conditions for their storage.