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Great ideas often come just by a chance. The event of G7th guitar capos‘ creation was no different.

One day Nick Campling, a designer who is responsible for its creation, noticed an interesting detail while playing his guitar. Commonly available capos were based on over 20 years old designs and their visual appearance and functional mechanism resembled medieval instruments of torture. There must have been a better and simpler way. And who else than someone working in the industry could handle such a challenge.

In 2004, after long years of tremendous efforts and development, he managed to recreate the original idea and bring it to fruition.  G7th, a newly established brand, has introduced Performance capo to the world. Its compact and stylish design, simple clamping mechanism and especially unique system of distributing the pressure over the entire length of the neck of the instrument immediately aroused musicians‘ and retailers‘ interests.

Current production of the company comprises of not only modern, ultra-light guitar capos but also traditionally shaped capos with modern designs. Apart from stylish design, they excel in practical method control, high-quality components and rigorous detailing. This results in products that will dazzle you with their design and functional properties.

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