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A British company called Decksaver specializes in production of covers for audio hardware of all kinds. At first sight, these covers look like well-known sushi-boxes, but they will protect your equipment hundred times better.

The latest polycarbonate is used as a basic material in combination with technological processes known from the production of bulletproof glass. You'll be even able to find videos on YouTube where reviewers walk and jump on them without causing any damage. These covers are resistant to liquids, moisture, dust, curious pets (including children) and even to the above mentioned unorthodox reviewers.   

The covers are precisely and specifically shaped for different models of mixes, synthesizers, grooveboxes, DJ equipment and other audio hardware from many renowned brands. These include brands such as Akai, American DJ, Korg, Mackie, Technics or Roland. Customers will appreciate them as a protection for turntables instead of not so resistant plastic covers which break easily. The holes for connectors are very convenient as everything can stay connected.

The high quality of Decksaver covers is undeniable, as they are used worldwide, including venues such as XOYO in London, Badaboum in Paris, and WOMB in Tokyo.

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