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Cleartone is a company that produces guitar strings. It was established in California and it has striven from the beginning to make strings not only with excellent sound, but also with as long of a lifespan as possible. Even though several other companies strive to achieve such characteristics, Cleartone is a step ahead after all.

While a majority of companies attempts to achieve longer lifespan of their strings by coating the strings with polymers utilizing nanotechnologies, Cleartone does not use the “coating” method. Instead it utilizes its own technology called EMP - Enhanced Molecular Protection. Its strings are thus not coated, but soaked into a solution, composition of which is closely guarded. The solution binds to the molecules of the metal the strings are made of, which results not only in a different feel when playing, but also in very good sound characteristics and, moreover, a sound, volume of which is 36% greater than in the case of other, coated strings.

Thanks to a really thin protective layer, 500 nanometers to 1 micron thick, the strings maintain the same natural dynamics, amplitude and player’s comfort as uncoated strings, and they can easily withstand the use of a capos or playing with slides.

The EMP technology applied by Cleartone is used not only for metal strings for electric and acoustic guitars, but even for advanced nylon strings.


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