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This unique instrument was invented by American Craig Ramsell, who had a pure need to mediate musical experience to wide masses. Since 2009, from when they have been selling as a part of Rhytm Band Instruments, LLC around the entire world, these color pipes have experienced an unbelievable boom and won millions of enthusiastic players on their side.

The principle is simple. Each pipe is tuned to a certain tone that sounds when you hit it against a suitable surface. Each tone has a different color, so you always know what you are playing. Thanks to this system, Boomwhackers have become popular instruments in schools, kindergartens and other educational and leisure time institutions. Anybody can play on them.

Multiple models and sets variously tuned and with various ranges are available - diatonic, chromatic, entire scales. The offer is very extensive and, moreover, individual models can be mutually combined, thus creating a full-fledged musical instrument.

Many YouTube videos, in which musicians show unbelievable performances using the Boomwhackers pipes, demonstrate that they are not just a toy. Multi-member assemblies are able to perform very complex shows that include not only modern hits, but even classical compositions.

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