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The production of this brand falls directly under the production of Audiopartner, s.r.o. We offer its products that are of a high-quality, purposeful and, at the same time, affordable for almost everybody.

Thanks to the Blond guitars, essentially anybody can start playing this instrument. It is not necessary to pay extra money for a famous brand, exotic timber or perfumed electronics if you use you instrument just occasionally or for jamming with your friends.

The Blond acoustic guitars are made of time-tested kinds of timber. They include models with multilayer corpuses as well as guitars with massive front panels. At the moment you look, apart from the stated parameters, at the price tag, you will find out that, from the price perspective, you are roughly one bigger family shopping away from a musical experience.

Under the Blond mark, you can also find accessories that no guitarist can exist without - tuners of a standard as well as clip designs or metronomes. This is the end of excuses - thanks to the Blond brand everybody can now play guitar.