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Many players still do not adequately appreciate guitar cosmetics. Yet they can fundamentally improve instrument characteristics, prevent instrument damages and mediate an unexpected playing comfort.

Jeff Massey, well-know guitarist, oversaw the founding of BigBends. He was so obsessed with tuning quality of his instrument that he had not hesitated to spend ten years researching various conditioning tinctures. Its efforts resulted in a guitar cosmetics line, which has been enthusiastically used by players around the whole world.

It is no surprise. BigBends conditioners not only improve instrument tuning resistance, but also prevent often string breaks caused by their mechanical wear and tear from their contact with the bridge and the tuning mechanics.

The conditioners can just be applied on the critical locations prior to playing. The company products are synthetic, do not contain petroleum and do not leave any marks. They are appreciated by all guitarists who prefer to have their instruments in a constantly perfect condition.