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Since it was established in 2015, the British Aston Microphones Company has managed to establish a position at the forefront of global music production.  Its development team has taken its microphone design to perfection with the help of 33 first-class musicians and producers, whose names are linked to legends such as AC/DC, Iron Maiden, Bob Marley, Limp Bizkit, Deep Purple, UT and many others. They were involved in making a selection from hundreds of designs, testing vocals and various instruments, until they ended up with just several models, which this British firm offers you.

You can also choose from several models of professional studio condenser microphones and supplementary microphone accessories from this company’s portfolio. Ninety per cent of the microphone components come from local British manufacturers, which results in higher manufacturing costs, but also has a positive impact on the quality of the products. This means that Aston Microphone brand microphones have quite quickly found their way into first-class recording studios, where they rival much more expensive microphones of established brands, and also into home studios and into the equipment kits of music bands thanks to their affordability.  

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