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This Danish company was established in 1995 and since then it has focused on a single thing - protection of hearing, which is constantly exposed to an enormous load not only in a musical environment.

Without you even realising it, the noise level at concerts or night clubs can quickly reach the critical level of 80 decibels and often even more. If you are exposed to such a noise for an extended period of time, your hearing will certainly get hurt.

The Alpine earplugs are furnished with special MusicSafe filters, which reliably suppress the surrounding noise without reducing your enjoyment from the production or your listening ability. The suppression level of some products can be adjusted. The plugs are made of special materials and they adjust to your auditory meatus. You will not even feel you have them in your ears..

The Alpine earplugs are imported to more than forty countries and can be found in many stores, not only in music equipment shops. The unique AlpineThermoShape and AlpineAcousticFilters technologies have received several awards. For many customers around the world the Alpine products are the first and only choice when it comes to hearing protection.

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