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The German company AER has been producing combo amplifiers for acoustic instruments since 1992. A favourite in the musician community and as a testament to the quality of these instruments is the fact that AER’s combos are used by the virtuoso acoustic guitar player Tommy Emmanuel. AER also offers his signature model.

Aside from combo amps for acoustic and classical guitar, such as the Alpha or Compact series, AER also offers bass combo amps and preamplifiers. The amplifiers are quite versatile. They work very well with other acoustic instruments and are also suitable for electric guitar or vocals.

AER offers professional solutions for small and large stages and for recording, which is reflected in the configuration of the company’s amplifiers.

AER amps are made in Germany and are therefore proud to offer excellent workmanship. Any demanding player with a definite idea about the acoustic sound he/she wants will appreciate AER’s combo amps.

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