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Registration of your company:

1) Enter your user name and email at the following address

2) You will receive a link for one-time login on the email address you entered. Here, you can set your password and, at the same time, log in to the editorial system.

3) Carefully complete your profile at the following address under the Sellers tab and save it. Each seller’s profile has to include one picture (logo or front picture) of a size that is greater than 880 x 580 px and smaller than 4M, png, gif, jpg, jpeg. Your profile cannot be saved without a picture. Once you submit it, your profile will be approved by the administrator and will appear among the sellers within 2-3 days. If needed, you can edit your profile at any time when you log in. When registering, you have to enter a working email, onto which your password can be sent if you forget it.

4) Registration rules: add only those brands to your profile that you actively offer for sale and that are on display in your store. Otherwise the selected brands will not be approved by the administrator. Thank you for your understanding.

    Your AUDIO PARTNER team