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Mono is the business brand of Mono Creators Inc., which was founded in 2007 in San Francisco. Mono specializes in the production of high-quality packages and cases for musical instruments and other audiovisual technology. 

The founder of Mono Creators, Daniel Kushner, used to originally work as a designer and musician. It is the combination of these two factors that creates a unique result and uncompromising quality of the Mono products, where their undisputable quality is accompanied by a great design. 

The Mono brand became first known to the public thanks to the so-called hybrid cases, which provided perfect protection to musical instruments, yet did not unnecessarily increase their transportation weight. Further Mono successes Mono followed with its Vertigo series (packages into which instruments are inserted untraditionally from the top), Headlock series (packages with a guitar neck support) and Z-Form series (dual hybrid case). 

The current Mono portfolio includes more than 60 main products. 

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