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Istanbul Mehmet

Cymbals production in Turkey has a really long tradition, dating back to the 16th century. While the original manual production has been slowly giving way to machinery, there are still some manufacturers who have not given up on manual production and who continue to make their cymbals the same way their ancestors used to.

In 1980, two cymbal makers merged and created a company called Istanbul. After the death of one of them in 1996, the company split into two - Istanbul Mehmet and Istanbul Agop. Each of the companies has its own direction and makes its own cymbal lines and models. Nevertheless, what they still have in common is the emphasis they put on the quality and peculiarity of their cymbals, given by their honest manual production.

The Istanbul Mehmet cymbals boost a great sound and weight variability and their wide range of products will satisfy pretty much anybody - from a jazzman to a heavy metal enthusiast. The company portfolio includes turned cymbals (for example, the very popular Traditional line), unturned cymbals (the Turk line), burnished cymbals (Radiant line) or cymbals with matt and rough surfaces, or a combination of the above.

In any case, the Istanbul Mehmet cymbals do not have just a “Turkish sole” thanks to the large share of manual work, but also a rich and very musical sound, full of tones.

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