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IQ Plus

The Thai manufacturer of the IQ Plus instruments is one of the companies, production of which focuses mainly on children. However, its objective is not to make just toys that are very often quite removed from any kind of a real musical instrument, but full-fledged, well-sounding and well made instruments that develop children’s talent and that are adjusted for the needs of children and their perception of the world.

Children thus find IQ Plus instruments sufficiently attractive, safe and entertaining. The company portfolio includes a wide spectrum of percussions, such as bongos, today so popular cajons, timbales, congas or small drum sets, which, however, include all requisites of “adult” drum sets. The company also makes various little drums, shakers, tambourines or xylophones.

For little talents who would like to play a stringed instrument, IQ Plus offers well-designed ukuleles, made of good-quality maple, mahogony, but also ebony or various exotic timber, which the company purposefully grows on its own plantations, thus not putting any unnecessary burden on the ecosystem.

The IQ Plus brand has been bringing kids real instruments with very musical sound, which often differ from the “adult” ones only by their size and color.

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