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HEDD | Heinz Electrodynamic Designs is a German company established in 2015. It is a family company run by the physicist and audio expert Klaus Heinz and his son, mastering engineer Frederik Knop. In audio circles, Heinz is well-known as a long-serving director of research and development department at ADAM Audio.

The company focuses on manufacturing active near-field and mid-field monitors. HEDD’s products are intended for use in home studios, smaller project studios (Type 05, 07), and also in professional applications (Type 30).

HEDD’s monitors use special HEDD Air MotionTransformer tweeters, which excel in reproducing high frequencies. The tweeters are based on an invention by the German-American physicist Oskar Heil, and they are a signature product of Klaus Heinz.

Another technological innovation is the slots for HEDD Bridge extension cards, which allow the monitors to be connected to modern audio protocols from Dante Audio or Ravenna Network/AES67. Wireless transmission and USB2 extensions are planned as future features.

Thanks to these extensions, HEDD monitors will be able to keep up with the technological progress for at least a few years.

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