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Eddy Finn

If there is an instrument that has been recently experiencing a worldwide boom, it definitely is ukulele. Without a doubt, one of the leading manufacturers of all its variants is Eddy Finn, a company that also brings something extra. Basically ever since its foundation in 2010, the company has been attracting a well-deserved attention not only because of a really extensive spectrum of its instruments, but also because of their often unusual shapes or design modifications.

Apart from the traditional soprano, tenor and baryton ukuleles, the Eddy Fin portfolio also includes ukuleles in the shape of the popular cigar box guitars, banjo ukuleles or guitarleles. There are also ukuleles furnished with piezo-pickups or ukuleles from the Beachmaster or Beachcomber series, entirely made of plastic and, thanks to that, 100% waterproof, which makes them ideal companions around water and for your travels. And Eddy Finn does not forget about those who prefer deep tones, for whom the company makes bass ukuleles of a fret as well as fret-free design.

Apart from plastic, Eddy Finn mainly focuses of selected timber, such as linden tree, palisander, koa, mahogony or spruce. Its instruments are equipped with high-quality, closed or open mechanics. Moreover, the company also offers a wide spectrum of bags and cases for its instruments, from the cheapest nylon casings and gigbags, to luxury firm cases in many color alternatives.

The portfolio of Eddy Finn is thus suitable for beginners as well as professional players who use this nowadays very popular instrument.

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