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The origins of this legendary American producer of bass guitar amplifiers can be traced back to 1946. The company’s name originated from its first product, which was a simple sensor for a bass called Amplified Peg (abbreviated to Ampeg). In 1967 Ampeg became a subsidiary of the Unimusic Corporation. Concerts at large venues were popular back then and thus customers demanded bass amplifiers which would be strong enough in such events.


At that time Ampeg came up with the 300W amp Super Valve Technology (SVT), which consisted of 14 lamps and overcame the then most powerful 200W Marshall amplifier. Currently the SVT series offers amplifiers with the output of 1000W! There is no doubt that the company hit the jackpot since the SVT series is popular up to now. The amps are used by famous bass guitar players such as Cliff Williams from AC/DC, Robert Trujillo from Metallica, Tony Levin from King Crimson or jazz musician Stanley Clarke.

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